Point of Decision™

A research methodology that produces actionable break-through insight!

You need a research partner that can deliver break-through actionable insights.  Point of Decision™ delivers. We conduct research "In The Moment" at the point of decision.
  • No reliance on limited or faulty respondent memory.
  • No proxies for the real environment.
  • No professional survey takers.
  • No consumer panels.

We seek out the right environment(s), the right moment(s) and the right survey instrument to observe, listen and understand your consumer.

  • Instore research offers the most advanced and effective methodology for understanding the purchase decision and the purchase journey.
  • Point of Decision™ can be used to understand a broad variety of issues ranging from pricing to switching behavior.


Key Features:

Proven Research Methodology
  • Our experienced researchers will design a survey instrument that will allow you to see through the eyes of your consumers.  Insight awaits.
  • Some of the largest and most successful companies in the world use our approach to understand their shopper
The Right Environment at the Right Time
  • No reliance on respondent memory or limited recall.  We observe & interview respondents immediately after they interact with the target product/service.  This allows us to understand & break-down the moment of truth.
The Right Respondents
  • No professional focus group takers. We randomly intercept consumers in the target environment to ensure a representative sample.
Working with Your Retail Partner(If required)
  • We have a long track record of working with the largest retailers in the world.