Shopper Response™


Experience a qualitative research insight “break-through”!

  • No conference rooms.
  • No reliance on limited or faulty respondent memory.
  • No group think.
  • No focus groups.
  • No proxies for the real environment.

We seek out the right environment(s), the right moment(s) and the right discussion guide to observe, listen and understand your consumer.

  • Instore research offers the most advanced and effective methodology for understanding the purchase decision/purchase journey.
  • Shopper Response™ can be used to understand a broad variety of issues ranging from pricing, packaging, switching behaviour, promotion etc.


Key Features:


Proven Qualitative Research Methodology
  • Our experienced researchers will design a discussion guide that will allow you to see through the eyes of your consumers.Insight awaits.
Progressive Discussion Guide
  • No group think or bias. Each respondent is randomly intercepted and interviewed in the target environment. The discussion guide is progressively modified after each interview.
Filmed Responses (Optional)
  • You will not miss a moment of the action. Instore research allows you to watch each and every interview. We quickly edit, organize and review responses to highlight key insight.
The Right Environment at the Right Time
  • No reliance on respondent memory or limited recall. We observe and interview respondents immediately after they interact with the target product/service. This allows us to understand and break-down the moment of truth.
The Right Respondents
  • No professional focus group takers. We randomly intercept consumers in the target environment to ensure a representative sample.
Advanced Web Video Response Platform
  • You can easily access each and every response from our advanced web video response platform. Everything is at your finger tips whenever you want. Distribute clips and analysis internally at the touch of a button.